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Аll-weather synthetic surface «RashitTrack™» for horses and the equine athlete (Arena footing)

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all-weather surface for equestrian sports

Аll-weather synthetic surface under the trade mark «RashitTrack™» manufactured by CJSC HC«Visteks» (Arena Footing)


«RashitTrack™» - ground covering used for hippodrome courses (racecourses, race track), show jumping fields, covered and open riding sport manege.
The grounds are the blends of mineral stuff, elastic and resilient polymeric materials, synthetic polymeric materials and surface structure modifier acting as a link.

 Synthetic surface for horse race courses

«RashitTrack™» - surface for equestrian sports, advantages:

-    unique cushion effect affecting favorably horses' back and legs; giving the safe basement and reduces the traumatism risks during races;

-    has very high sport qualities;

-    keeps the stability of exploitation characteristics at different weather conditions;

-    the ground maintains the optimal humidity necessary to reduce the dust at races;

-    minimum maintenance;

-    keeps the exploitation characteristics in a wide temperature range (from -40 up to +65 оС);

-    it is not necessary to water when there is the dry weather and it does not freeze;

-    high vertical drainage ability;

-    minimal kickback distance rises the safety level during races;

-    no erosion.

-    it is multipurpose. Against the maintenance the ground is perfect suitable for both training and competition


All-weather synthetic surface for equestrian sports «RashitTrack™» has no analogues in Russia. The exploitation characteristics of the ground are equal to expensive import product such as Polytrack, "MartinCollinsEnterprises", some characteristics (range of exploitation temperature and the service expiration) are even better.


Produced accordingly certification demands ТУ 5711-019-01862073-2005.
The ground has all necessary documentation:
- sanitary papers
Т.18703.06.5 от 24.06.05;
- toxicological expertise (16352
от 16.06.2005);
- radiological expertise (  s/
о0922/16352 от 16.06.2005)
The ground composition and the manufacturing technology are secured by the useful model patent № 53297, 20 Oct 2005 and the patent for an invention 2306381, 16 Dec 2005.
All-weather ground RashitTrack is successfully used as upper covering of racing courses, riding fields of the international sport horseracing center in Kazan since 2005. In 2007 the ground spread on the new hippodrome "Akbuzat" in Ufa.


Magomert Kappushev - master-jockey, training and performance on the Russia Federation President's horses:
"Racing course meets the highest international demands. Very fast. God willing, the Moscow hippodrome would have the same"…

G. Bolshakov - horse-master TATNEFT:
"Race course meets the world standard due to the right drainage and curves. The horses show good results. Many of those I perform at shows had their results particular on that tracks. I think many of horse owners and horse-masters could agree with my opinion"…

R.R. Yafizov - director of the breeder farm "Plemkonezavod "Kazansky":
+" I want to say about the track course specially. The ground is worked out to keep the loading to horses' ligaments minimal. The special treatment of the ground lets to race till December. At proper exploitation of the track the speed records will be very high"…

Kaum Gazizov - the referee of the international sport-horses hippodrome in Kazan
Soslan Dzihilov, Maks Kantakuzin - coaches:
…"The track overwintered well and since the middle of March we have started to work speed gallop on pure-blooded English saddle-horses. We have no criticism on drainage, the width of the ground at curves. We think that in this season it will be more speedy."

I.G. Gilyaziev - the director of sport hippodrome in Kazan:
…"The track meets the world standards. The race track due to its mild ground spares the horses' ligaments, which often suffer from breaks and kinks during competitions"…

V.K. Tarasov – master of horses sport, the highest rank coach:

… “The ground used as a covering at the hippodrome "Akbuzat" meets all the demands for manege, horse-jumping circuit and dressage fields. The ground makes no dust, doesn’t cave in and springs. Many thanks to the manufacturer for this universal ground and wish you good luck”…


Olga Danilova - master of sport in riding. The winner of international competitions, the member of National Russian Team:

…”Dear inventors of the ground, I would like to thank you for the manufacturing of this quality product, one of the best in Russia. It excellently cushions when jumping, no dust, keeps the humidity. Horses did not get traumatism even at intense job. The ground quality makes it possible to come faster through the turns and jumping-off.

Also I want to point out the excellent toleration of the ground at severe weather conditions. It came over the winter, spring and doesn’t demand any additional preparation for exploitation”…


А.E. Shagaev – the President Of the Horseracing Federation in Bashkirtostan, honorable building expert:

…”Grounds used at the hippodrome "Akbuzat" meet all the strict demands. The inventors, I think, took into the account the smallest things. The ground is very pliable. Non-dusting, soft enough and doesn’t cave in. Displacing characteristics are minimal (horses don’t fall down). Riders feel themselves sure when trusting off and landing at high jumping because of the minimum displacement at trusting off and springy but soft landing.

Exploitation expenses are very low. Cleaning and harrowing is necessary only every 10 days.

Sportsmen and owners of horses thank the manufacturers. On such grounds horses can work longer and their results will rise every year”…


A.I. Makarov – the President of Siberian Racing Society, PhD:

…”The superb ground impresses and ravishes”…


V. Martyanova – dressing-out coach, candidate for racing international judge:

“The ground let to make miracles. Horses can perform masterfully all difficult elements, move free, trusting –off makes possible the amplitude allure, landing is soft. No dust at manege, no ground displacement. Horses recuperate quickly after the heavy job and start next day in good condition. Thank you very much and wish you further success”…


 horse sport soil concur ground ground rashittrek

“LABOSPORT”- the laboratory of the technical control , France :


...this product is safe for fast horse and shows very high sport qualities.




We make a point of the following: specially prepared basement for the all-weather grounds RashitTrack is necessary for maximum use effect and for long termination. The basement is a stable multilevel-construction with vertical drainage and necessary curves. The recommended width of the ground is 15 sm. The rate of ground application is about 220kg per 1 square meter.


VISTEKS provides the full complex - production, delivery, placing of any type of all-weather RashitTrack grounds with further science-technical supervising during exploitation. It is possible to adjust the ground characteristics for the client in accordance with climate conditions or other exploitation peculiarities. We are ready to provide the draft and construction work for hippodrome courses, riding and dressing-out manege.



The implementer and manufacturer:


CJSC HC «Visteks», Moscow region, Kudinovo village, Tsentralnaya str., 23

Tel. +7 (495) 518-48-32

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The top specialist: Fanis Alimov
Tel. +7 (495)518 48 32
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